Portfolio & Past Work



When it comes to software, designing great interfaces is most satisfying to me. Developing great software comes in at a close second. Below are just a few of the projects I made during the golden age of apps.


Fishy aimed to simplify the Twitter experience with a modern, minimal, and responsive interface. A gesture-based navigation system made interacting with the tweet stream a breeze. While Twitter’s hostile position with developers and third-party clients halted development, Fishy’s signature Carmine Pink lives on in an upcoming project of mine.


Twitter has long been the place where breaking news breaks first. Making use of the Twitter API, Trends was designed to keep you up to date on the most talked-about trending topics and display them in a heat map format. Trends would eventually be folded into a flagship feature of my next app, Fishy.


An alternative experience for Google+, Cirplus was never able to live up to its full potential as Google was shy to invest in their social network experiment, eventually shuttering the network completely. Cirplus would only be the beginning of my venture into social apps.


These are some of the financial institutions that I have worked with in a professional capacity.